Book recommendations

Here is a list of books that I recommend reading. These non fiction books cover topics like whole foods plant based dietary facts written by plant based medical doctors and researchers, and inspirational books that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Whole, by T. Colin Campbell – clears up the confusion from the modern nutrition paradigm. Promotes a whole foods plant based diet.

How Not To Die, by Dr Michael Greger – using nutrition research to explain the causes and prevention of the top modern day dietary killers. Gives examples of foods to include in your diet that will leave no space for unhealthy food. Extensively referenced. Promotes a whole foods plant based diet.

The Pleasure Trap, Dr Doug Lisle and Dr Alan Goldhamer – Explains why people are fat, sick and miserable. Shows you how to master the hidden force that undermines health and happiness.  This is a no-nonsense book that should be your wakeup call. Practical tools to stick to a whole foods plant based SOS-free (salt, oil and sugar free) lifestyle.

The Starch Solution, Dr John McDougall – Focuses on starches and how making them a majority of your diet can help you lose weight and live a healthy live. Includes meal planner, recipes, and tips for switching bad food for good food. Promotes a whole foods plant based diet.

Born To Run, Christopher McDougall – Highly inspirational book that will make you fall in love with running. Explains how whole plant foods reduces recovery time for athletes. Promotes a plant based diet.